The face can be divided into three zones, F1 and F3 for “fixed” areas. Fixed sites usually do not change much with aging and are relatively stable. The third, M2, is a mobile zone. Here, the skin will sag over the years, the volume in the cheeks is reduced and the skin moves downwards.

Another cause of ageing is that the skin loses collagen. At the age of 25 the skin is made up of about 75 % collagen, but it decreases rapidly with age. After the menopause among women, collagen decreases by up to one third in ten years. A sure sign that collagen has decreased is that the skin becomes thinner and lines, wrinkles and furrows start to become visible. V SOFT LIFT has a range of different threads. The MONO and MINI types are inserted into the dermis in a meshwork pattern. These stimulate collagen production that provides a support capacity with a durable lifting effect and tighter, firmer skin.

The BARB threads are equipped with fine hooks and offer a stronger lifting effect. After 90 days, the newly-formed collagen fibres can be observed within a radius of 1 to 3 mm of each thread. No damage occurs in the subcutaneous tissue as is potentially the case with larger diameter or longer-lasting threads.

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PDO sutures has been used in surgery for the more than 20 years. They are non-toxic, bio-absorbable and hypoallergenic with very few side effects. No prior skin test is required.  They are broken down by the body and will disappear completely.

The V SOFT LIFT method is carried out with sterile PDO sutures inserted in a needle. (Patent No. 1004731080000). The V SOFT LIFT procedure takes place in a clean environment by an Inject Academy trained medical practitioner.