The V SOFT LIFT® PDO Thread lifting system contains a range of different needles in various sizes, gauge thickness, thread lengths and thread structures.

V Soft Lift MONO

The MONO thread is a single polydioxanone fibre. It mechanically induces skin tension into the deep layers of the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates fibroblasts to natural neocollagenesis.

v soft lift mono needles

V Soft Lift MINI

The MINI thread is a shorter version of MONO, designed to treat fine wrinkles near the eyes. The single polydioxanone thread is extra thin and is especially applicable for the delicate area around the eyes.

v soft lift mini needles

V Soft Lift BARB

The BARB thread is a more advanced thread, which enables a mechanical lift. The thread has small bi-directional hooks that lifts and holds up the skin over a longer period of time. It gives a supporting structure to the skins tissue. The thread has a strong lifting effect compared to the MONO thread. It is effective for facial lifting. The thread is dissolved in 6-12 months. Used in combination to MONO threads it gives extra mechanical lifting.

v soft lift barb sharp needles


The BARB BLUNT CANNULA L thread is multidirectional and the blunt cannula is different to the classic ones. The special designed tip enables the cannula to slide easily into the skin.

Vsoftlift barb blunt cannula


The BARB STAR is a multidirectional barbed thread with extra power for a lifting effect.

barb star needles