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V Soft Lift® enables a lifting and tightening effect as well as smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. By placing the threads at various levels of the skin, different types of effects are ob- tained.

SMAS Level

To achieve a temporary lifting effect, the thread is inserted into the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS).

Intradermal Level

To achieve a skin rejuvenating effect, the smooth threads are inserted into the intra-dermis. The presence of the foreign body PDO and the mechanical injury by the cannula stimulates the production of collagen. It enhances the metabolism and blood flow to the treated area, inducing collagen neogenesis surrounding the PDO thread.

Subdermal Level

Inserting the thread in the level of adipose tissue, in the subdermal fat compartment, stimu- lates natural lipolysis. Consequently, the number of adipocytes and its volume decreases.

In the intradermal tissue, the fibroblasts are naturally stimu- lated to begin the synthesis of collagen.

When inserted subdermally, in the adipose tissue, it brings the effect of breaking down fat.


  • Mechanical lift by using cogged threads
  • Tissue stimulation through insertion of the cannula
  • Biochemical stimulation by the PDO thread
  • Physical support by cogged and smooth threads

The regeneration process affects the skin immediately and continues for 3-4 months, positively influencing the facial skin texture and colour.


Woman 45 years old with nasolabial folds, tear trough and sagging jawline.


Results after 3-4 months. Firmer and tighter skin with glow.